Training That Matters!

Innovative, Interactive & Stimulating.

Since 2006 Anti-Bullying Solutions has been collaborating with the very best of educators, psychologists and other experts in the field of child development to provide the most progressive relief from bullying available in South Jersey.


With the passing of the historic Anti-Bullying Bill of Rights in New Jersey, Anti-Bullying Solutions is the ideal provider to satisfy the new requirements mandated by the State of New Jersey. Because we are both Evidence Based* and Community Involved** we are able to apply methods that have been proven to be effective while addressing more then one mandate simultaneously. As our base of operations is also situated right here in South Jersey, we are able to save our clients significant amounts from their ever-challenged budgets as well.


In addition, our professional in-service workshops are always interesting, informative and animated. Never boring or painful to endure! The feedback that we have received from our clients has encouraged us to develop the most thought-provoking and enjoyable presentations available. We find, without exception, that by providing stimulating content that is genuinely engaging we are able to maintain a consistently high attention level from our attendees and thereby much more information is transferred and retained.


* A systematic review of 44 school-based bullying prevention programs indicates that,

   on average, anti-bullying programs reduce bullying perpetration by 20-23% and

   victimization by 17-20% (Farrington & Ttofi, 2010).


** N.J.A.C. 6A:16-7.6. "The code of student conduct shall be based on parent, student

     community involvement which represents, where possible, the composition of the

     schools and community."